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Women of Worth Honorees

Valerie Huber

"I am beyond honored to say that I was trained by this awesome woman, who was also responsible for my amazing privilege and life-changing opportunity to speak before congress in March of 2017!"

-Canena Adams


"Valerie Huber, a longtime leader in sexual risk avoidance circles, was appointed and accepted the position as the Chief of Staff  for the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health at HHS for the U.S. Government!


Most of us know Valerie from her work at Ascend, formerly the National Abstinence Education Association, which empowers teenagers to make positive choices about sex. Valerie’s holistic approach, is very impactful, which was validated by Centers for Disease Control (CDC),  in a sweeping study of its own. In a revealing report, CDC officials make it clear that teaching kids to save sex for marriage might just spare them from a long list of other health risks. Students in grades 9-12 who made positive decisions about sex were just as likely (or more!) to avoid other dangerous behaviors.


Virginity among teenagers of all ages correlates closely with the presence of married parents. Each change in family structure during adolescence (from married to divorced, from single to married, or from divorced to stepfamily) increases the risk of initiation of sexual intercourse for many of the teenage children in these unions. Valerie has a long history of promoting healthy lifestyles, especially for women and children. I can’t think of anybody better for the job."


-Tony Perkins,

President of Family Research Council

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