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Today, I was asked to speak at the “Protect Life Michigan, Memorial & March” and I must say that the current climate of the world had me thoroughly thinking about whether or not to accept the speaking invitation.

See here’s the thing... I was told that there would be a minimum of 300 in attendance (at the State Capitol), consisting of State Representatives, Community Leaders, Pastors, etc. (and there was more). Thus, in a world that is so divided, I wrestled with my presence, pictures being taking of me, and parts of my speech being misconstrued.

I wrestled with the fact that folks are having an extremely difficult time of distinguishing who’s who —and what’s what.

As a woman who is unapologetically for Life; unapologetically Black; unapologetically for Love, Hope, Healing, Healthy Dialogue and more...I found myself in a place that I’m sure many of you do as well.

For me, I have a divine mandate to be EVERY thing I was created to be (Black, a woman, a Life Giver, a Minister, a Teacher, a Lover of Life and more...). Thus, with that comes a beautiful, yet very unpopular & uncomfortable responsibility to have very difficult conversations.

Last year, God clearly told me that I would use my voice even more in the forthcoming years. Not to divide or only push what was important to me——but to speak life, hope, healing, and to be a part of the solution (s)—and a voice of reason—in a world that so desperately needs it.

Today, I was honored to share my own story and journey; while also expressing what I believe to be some of the remedies to the issues and problems that we see & face today. While I could have opted out/passed on the speaking invitation—I was strongly compelled to “practice what I preach”—and “Be the change that I so desperately want to see.”

I believe that we can have the hard, difficult conversations when we are willing to be honest, open, and transparent. I believe that we can see real change when we treat and view one another as beautiful creations, made by the masterful hand of God. I believe that we can agree—and even disagree—while still maintaining dignity and respect.

I cannot expect you or anyone else to give something I’m not willing to give myself. If we are to heal...we must deal with the real, core issues. Our hearts and motives must be pure/genuine. We need voices of reason, love, respect, critical thinkers, those who will lovingly challenge the status quo, as our world needs healing and reconciliation—not more chaos.

I may not be for everyone...and you may not either. But that’s not a legitimate reason to allow the outside pressures to dictate who you are. Personally, if I can help, educate, empower and LOVE just ONE person back to Life...I’ve done my job.

And...I do not represent any particular political party...I simply represent Love, Life, Dignity and Respect. I don’t profess to have all of the answers...but one thing I do know...we must build from the ground up. It starts with us. It starts in our homes. It starts with the people we see/wake up to each and every day. It starts in our hearts.

A quote I ended with today: “Healthy people build healthy families; healthy families build healthy communities; and healthy communities build healthy nations.”


Canena Adams, LLBSW, MA, SRAS

Wife | Mother | Writer | Author | Public Speaker | Social Worker | Business Owner | Nonprofit Founder & Director | Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist | Healthy Family & Relationship Advocate | Adjunct College Prof. | PhD Student (Public & Social Policies)

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