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Tired of Waiting?

A fews weeks ago, I worked from home. And, while working, the power just suddenly went out.👀I was in the middle of cooking, and I was super hungry so I ordered some food. I ordered my food at 11:33am, but did not actually get the food until about 12:50pm as I stood in the pick-up area of the restaurant waiting for over an hour. I watched several people walk in, pay for their food AFTER me—then watched their orders be brought right out within minutes. I ordered something very simple. Two pieces of fish & veggies. What could possibly be the problem? Normally, I would have walked out. But, I just kept thinking,"What’s the holdup?" I finally received my food (after waiting for a full hour), but I kindly/politely asked to speak with the Manager. He was overly apologetic and assured me that he would take care of me. He went to the back, and asked that I “wait” until he returned (of course, I thought, "like, really...another wait”)! Once he returned, he handed me two free meal gift cards.

As I was driving down the street leaving the restaurant, I felt that tug that I often get when God has a word for me. In essence, we often get restless, irritated and sometimes have nasty, rude attitudes when things don’t go as planned. Granted, this isn’t to excuse the poor customer service, but our attitudes can either help or make the situation worse. I was annoyed, but I was surprisingly very calm & patient when expressing my complaints to the manager. When it was all said and done, I paid for one meal, but walked away with more than what I paid for. The others went ahead of me, and I felt overlooked, and disrespected. But the “wait” ultimately worked in my favor. They got their meals before I did, but I walked away with more!

Moral of the Story: the next time you find yourself frustrated and waiting...take a moment and ask God to help you with your attitude/change your perspective. Maybe it’s a setup for God to add/give you more than what you originally asked for!

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