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I'm Pregnant! I'm Ready to PUSH!

Ladies...have you ever wondered why it takes almost an entire year for a baby to be born? From a woman who has given birth five times, I just never understood the purpose of carrying a child for so long! Like, seriously! Ha! Wouldn't it be nice to find out you're pregnant one week, then deliver your bundle like three months later! Oh the joy that would bring to us mothers! Ha! But, as we know...that's totally NOT how God set this whole thing up! And, after going through this process multiple times, I slowly began to change my perspective. Giving birth to a human being is no small task! Hence, it takes time!

For a pregnant woman, feeling a new life growing inside of her body is an awesome experience-- even though she may not always feel the greatest throughout her journey! Pregnancy can be different from woman to woman; and even women who give birth multiple times can literally have very different experiences each time they're pregnant. Some symptoms of pregnancy last for several weeks or months, while other discomforts are temporary or don't affect all women. "Pregnancy is a long, 10-month journey," said Dr. Draion Burch, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Magee-Womens Hospital at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. A normal pregnancy usually lasts about 40 weeks, counting from the first day of a woman's last menstrual period, which is about two weeks before conception actually occurs.

So as we can see, bringing a new life into this world is a pretty big deal! In fact, when comparing a woman's pregnancy journey to other areas of life, it's very similar. Many times, we want it NOW! We live in a time when no one wants to wait! We literally want everything fast/right now! We want our food fast. We want to lose weight in one day...after spending years of putting it on (sorry, its true). We date fast, then become confused, angry, frustrated and depressed when things don't work because we were too impatient to take the much needed time to plan, to get pre-dating & pre-marital counseling, etc., ensuring that our vision (s) and goals were aligned. We live in a "hurry, hurry, rush, rush" world!

As I thought and dug deeper into this "rush-culture," I could not help but to think about my own life. What would life be like if each of my children were born prematurely? I could only imagine that some of my beautiful babies wouldn't be here today (which, I did experience a I was technically the mother of 6). Or, what would life be like if I had all 5 of my children, but each child was born with some life altering handicap, all because I chose to have them early/prematurely. How fair would that be to selfishly change the entire course and/or alter the plan of God for their life. Not because of natural causes...but simply because I could NOT wait 10 months for my beautiful babies to grow and fully mature, giving them the greatest chance at living their BEST its fullest!

So...what am I saying? Is this my big announcement about being pregnant for the 7th time? Well, yes...but not with a little mini-Canena or Mini-Greg (my handsome hubby)! Ha! The pregnancy that I'm speaking of is called PURPOSE! I feel it growing, kicking, moving, and quite honestly, I'm uncomfortable and ready to give's not just one's multiples! I can feel each of their limbs pulling and stretching me in various ways! Some are ready to pop out, while others need more time to grow! And, guess what? I know I'm not the ONLY one! We all have something kicking and growing deep on the inside of us! But, if I can encourage you, I would say...don't push too soon! When it's time to REALLY will know it! TRUST ME!! Ha! essence, don’t let the Internet rush you. Amazing things take time.😉 Anything birthed prematurely will have some life threatening issues. As you enter into this next year, make up in your mind that you will not give birth to anything before its time. 2020 is the year of full term missions & visions.😉🔥

#Repost 👇🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥

Don’t waste time rushing through the depth in order to get on the web faster.

Re-read that draft. Pull apart your assumptions and assertions. Put them through some intellectual rigor, look for truth, consistency and justice over hyperbole, fads and instant gratification.

Speak to humans, read books, lots of books. Listen to people you agree with and disagree with. Hold your position for some time before you start preaching it, be someone worth listening to as opposed to simply finding things to say that people desperately want to hear.

Stop feeding yourself and others junk food for the soul. Challenge yourself, lead the way into depth and show that instant gratification is an oxymoron, there is only instant distraction.

The wisest people in history have known the benefits of enduring the trials of commitment and depth, I for one am happy to take their advice.—J.Jones

Canena Adams, LLBSW, MA, SRAS

WOW Founder & Director


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